T-Funk X Cowboy – Sewer Water / Rainbow Camo – Epic Faceted Tube


In stock

  • Diffusion //  Faceted Removable 2 Hole
  • Joint Size //  10mm female
  • Height //  18cm
  • Width //  11cm
  • Depth //  8.4cm

Special Features:

  • Incredible and rare “sewer water” colour pull changes colour dramatically in different light spectrums
  • Covered in massive camo and monster disc flips from T-Funk
  • Facets everywhere! Some big, some small, but nearly every attachment has been cold-worked
  • Removable downstem shreds the water but doesn’t splash
  • Thick, stable base with incredible camo booty
  • Comes with stunning matching 10mm slide
  • Ti Signed by the artists
  • Comes with painted matching canvas by Carlos Delgado